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Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares

    S is a dear friend of SC. He visits him every day. SC meets these visits with relief and gratitude.

    Sometimes when S is visiting, he brings his niece D with him, a jolly child with an adorable dimpled smile and a melodic giggle. A day in which she tags along with her uncle is always a lovely day.

    However, D has a troublesome older brother called N: a surly adolescent whom you could never force yourself to stop loathing. A day where he decides to go with his uncle on his daily visits to SC is bound to be an onerous day, but as luck would have it, these days were as frequent as sunny days in London.

    One day, they both tagged along with their uncle. It was a confounding surprise for SC when he saw all three of them at his doorstep. He wasn’t sure how he felt, but he welcomed them all the same, greeting them with uneasy smiles. Neither of S or D took note of it, but N never failed to notice what others don’t. On the first chance of finding himself alone with SC, N started his favorite pastime of tormenting people and invading their private lives. He could recite your most intimate secrets with unconceivable detail as though he was reading from a book. And SC was no exception. N morbidly loved to see the sweat forming on SC’s brow; his quickened breaths forming a symphony to N’s ears; N’s jolting heart’s attempts to escape his claustrophobic chest formed a beautiful scenery.

    But this time SC didn’t try to resist. He didn’t try to understand how N does it. Instead, he willed himself to endure this bout of inevitable agony. Soon it shall pass unlamented. And then he’ll get to play with D, whom he adores, and hear her melodic laughter fill the space of his large house. He’ll paint her, on his new creamy-white canvas, with her favorite red ribbons in her hair. And he’ll get to see her dimpled smile.

    He’ll remember his grief as a distant memory, and he’ll revel in this tangible bliss.



The Earth keeps spinning, time keeps moving and I’m standing still.

Sometimes I don’t think any blood reaches my brain at all and I don’t know how the world never pauses when I do. The problem with time is that it never stops. There are split-seconds that I want to keep in a jar but they fleet…

مشروع قصة قصيرة.


هذا قالب لقصة قصيرة ربما أعمل عليها قريباً.
ليست لدي أدنى فكرة عن القصة، هي تجريدية و متخبطة وهذا مناخ يناسبني.

مشروع قصة قصيرة.

الساعة الثامنة صباحا.
استيقظت بلا هدف اليوم. استغرقت بعض الوقت في النظر الى حائط غرفتي الممتلئ بتراهاتي المفضلة.
حركتي بطيئة الى المرحاض. امسح وجهي بالقليل من…


By caramel eyes and cherry lips

I now adore,

A name that I abhorred before.

You uttered it in nonchalance:

A spell that caught me between its talons.

For how could I resist  

That sweetened tongue I so longed to taste.

With a trembling heart and wobbly knees I replied in haste:

O beloved one at last,

Take my arms into your waist,

And pick me for your star-crossed fate.

Lead me to those heavenly gates.

I know they hide a blissful bait.

A story of love that never abates.

Please, beloved that I can’t hate.

Remember me at those pearly gates.

And think of me at happy dates.